Poetic musings

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You made me feel…..


Blood coursing through veins,

Suddenly noticing the beat that has always sustained me.


Like the feet on the dance floor

Our palms made a surreptitious pact

to forget together,

United in our worship of illusion.


I vow to forever forget…

that my arms opened

to the freckled sunshine

of the spotlight on….


Forget the quadrant of time we filled

In a portrait of melodic rhapsody.

Forget the way wry smiles and glances determined the next moment.

BLINK and you might miss it.

SQUINT and you can picture it,

Remember how you felt,

Because that’s all that’s left.



“Creativity is the greatest rebellion in existence”- Osho


You create when the ego is not on your shoulder

Filtering every word into its cookie cutter form,

Giving a shade and shape to every idea.

Evaluating the accuracy, the validity, the potency of your unique consciousness.

You create in that rare brief moment,

When you are enough,

And you are alive.


My ego is…….

A multi coloured parrot that sits on my shoulder.

Sometimes I squint,

And it disappears.

And then,

I can write.


I love this TED talk on creativity by Elizabeth Gilbert: