photo[1] copyHi there!  Welcome to my little territory of cyberspace. I am a pensive daydreamer, a scatter brain, and a spiritual soul who is often caught lost in my own reveries. I love wandering aimlessly in unknown lands, spending hours in second-hand book shops, savouring many a cup of strong coffee, and complimenting strangers (just for kicks)  This is my online space to record my musings whilst frolicking in sunny Perth, Australia.

For me, to write is to know truth. Writing is and always has been cathartic to the soul. I vow to fill many a moleskin (and this blog) with my ramblings, giving it permission to be expressed.  Seamus Heaney put it best when he said: “keep going to the well, until you break the skin on yourself.” I vow to do just that.

Shakespeare and Co bookstore in Paris: one of my favourite places in the world.


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